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Humane Honey Bee Removal

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You are invited to Sugar Land Bee Removal– we are your regional beekeeping and elimination experts in Sugar Land, Texas. We have an objective to keep both our regional and local neighborhoods equally safe and satisfied with our services to remove bees safely and removed alive. We know how extremely crucial bees are and will take care of them in the most absolutely humane way.

Honey bees are no only for creating honey (though we love that too), but also for cross-pollinating of our plants. This allows area farmers to make a living  and our neighbors to receive outstanding food. We take care of your honey bees, with every removal call out. So whatever your live bee problems are, simply grab the phone and call our number. 

About Us

Sugar Land Bee Removal is a team of proficient, seasoned, wrangler beekeepers. We collaborate with the Sugar Land area beekeepers to catch and move bees from where they’re not desired to be. We make sure that we rehouse them in farming locations where they can carry on with their excellent work without bothering anybody. When we capture the bees we do not use toxic substances to relocate. This is not only great for the bees is it great for the environment. We, at Sugar Land Bee Removal, fix any damage done by the bees or by their removal. We care for bees, take care of you, as well as taking care of your home so there is no  bee problem anymore.

Our Services

Caring for bees, individuals, and also residential property needs a reasonable series of abilities. While you can sum our skills, simply as ‘honey bee removal’, the reality is that this is an umbrella term. It covers a wide variety of occurrences, continuous scenarios, as well as the services that we provide. The following covers our most requested for services, including same day service, but there is the element of the unforeseen when it comes to our buzzing good friends. If you have an inquiry you don’t see covered below then do not hesitate to call us. We’re constantly here if you want to give us a buzz concerning honey bees and our bee removal services.

Live Bee Removal

Bee Removal

Well, we would not be much of a bee elimination firm if we didn’t do the live removal of the honey bee, would we? Notably, we are a gentle bee removal company. We do not come round spraying everything in sight with toxins that will sink into the environment as well as your home. We take outstanding care to protect the area where we find them, as well all the people that live there. We are timely, professional, and we will capture those bees, guaranteed. No more will come back to be a bee problem, and we release the bees into the right location where they can carry on their magnificent work.

Bee Hive Removal

Beehives or bee colony are a much harder to eliminate than bee swarms since they have developed their house and are usually hidden away. Beehive removal can also get dangerous as they also will be most likely to get hostile when protecting their Queen as well as their honeycomb, all from a tree branch most of the time. Bee hive removal takes ability and also experience to avoid hurting either the insects or the people involved, thankfully, we have both. This service can sometimes include wasp nest removal as their hives are built pretty similar.

Bee Removal

Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Bee Removal Mission Bend Sugar Land

Swarms form when honey bee are on the move; generally because they are searching for a brand-new hive. The idea is to leave them to it as they will move off when the scouts return with news of a new area. They have a tendency to be to close to individuals. That’s when we come in, securely taking the bees and moving them to an area they will be safe. Swarms form when bees are on the move; typically because they are seeking a new hive. That’s when we come in, with bee swarm removal, we mean safely gathering up the bees as well as moving them to a location they will certainly be secure.

Honey Bee Proofing & Prevention

If bees are a regular recurring issue, or if you have particular factors to be careful regarding bees such as a relative having a known bee allergy. Call us to check out bee proofing your home. It doesn’t imply soaking the area with toxic substances, we look at structures, places need to be sealed that appeal to bees, ensuring that no pheromones remain of from a previous hive, and also the use of nonpoisonous repellents.

Bee Removal Mission Bend Sugar land

Bee Structural Repair

Bee Removal Sugar Land

If the bees damaged it, we fix it. If we damage it, we repair it. However, we sometimes need to break into drywalls and various spaces to remove every single trace of a hive so they don’t attempt to go back. Don’t fret, we do bee structural repair as we go. 

DIY Bee Removal

DIY bee removal? Yes, you can, but we need to recommend to you that it truly is a task ideal entrusted to the experts (that’s us). Sometimes, the swarm is likely to be unaggressive. Thankfully the strategy is easy, and when you recognize where and exactly how to launch the bees after. Then you can do the work yourself. We’re still here though, at the other end of the phone, with the suggestions and advice to obtain you from it.

Bee Removal Mission Bend

What Our Customers Say

“We actually didn't realize we had a hive for ages as there were just a few bees coming and going and then we were getting a bit of work done on the roof and the workmen refused because they said there was a hive. Clear Sugar Land Removal treated it as a priority, found and removed the hive so the work started again, and did it all with humor and professionalism.”
- Charles D.
“We had a swarm of bees in the school yard and the kids were terrified. Sugar Land Bee Removal were there super fast, dealt with it all without fuss and were so kind we asked them back to give a talk on bees. Couldn't recommend them more highly.”
- Jean R.
“Sugar Land Bee Removal did the business and left no trace, and no bees.”
- Cecilia S.

Sugar Land Bee Removal

Your Regional Beekeeping and Elimination Experts in Sugar Land, Texas.

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